Brand Management and Distribution Services

Timepiece Branding Group offers full brand management and sales distribution services.  
Our team has more than 60 combined years of sales management and marketing management in the watch, accessories and luxury brand industries.  We have the experience and understanding of the marketplace to work with you to create and execute a marketing and communication strategy targeted toward the trade and consumers that help you reach your intended market.  
Let us put our expertise to work for you.  Whether you need us to create and execute a comprehensive marketing plan, create a dynamic trade and consumer advertising advertising campaign or manage your sales team We have the experience to work with you to maximize your exposure and profitability.
We also operate 16 warehouses.  We are experts in import/export, customer service and logistics.  We provide comprehensive inventory management, customer service and order processing services.  
For more information about becoming an authorized retailer for any of these brands please email us at or call us at 561 501 9535.

The hottest new watch brand with the coolest DNA in the world.  All about attitude, style and looks.  Born in the Amazon.  Produced in Brazil...Made for the world. 





Derived from the Greek words "Khronos", meaning time and "Logia" meaning wisdom, CHRONOLOGIA is the wisdom of time.


Chronologia Sports-Performance Timpieces are manufactured from carbon making them rugged enough for military-tactical purposes while also being lightweight, fashionable and performance based to satisfy today’s demanding consumer who leads an active, sports oriented lifestyle.


All Chronologia watches utilize Trigalight Illumination Technology so the time is easily read in any light conditions.



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